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Being prepared financially, technically, legally, commercially. Planning and executing with the right timing.
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Ya-Hub Translations is a language services entity (part of the Ya-Hub Group) based in London that offers other businesses document and website translation as well as an innovative one-stop productivity platform for multi-language projects.

How did it start?

The directors of Ya-Hub Translations are passionate about languages. They are fluent in French, English, German, and Spanish. They recognized a market gap in 2011 for affordable yet highly professional translation services.

In July 2011, they established a translation agency in Paris (sole trader status). In 2013, they relocated to London, and in 2014, they opened a third office in New York. In 2015, the company was fully incorporated. Then, between 2015 and 2018, secondary offices were opened in Madrid, Milan, and Berlin, and new services were launched to reach a wider audience.


Ya-Hub Translations has offices in London, Paris, and Miami. There are ten project managers, hundreds of active customers in more than 31 countries, tens of thousands of vetted native and industry-specific consultants, and ten managed projects every day.

More recently, while dealing with daily customers’ inquiries, Ya-Hub Translations’ founders found out how difficult it was to respond quickly, in real-time and deal with all the regular incoming projects. Prospects and clients usually work in a hurry, so they needed to find a way to meet their needs in real time. Meet Ya-Hub Platform.

Ya-Hub Translations Team

Ed Balde


Matthieu Benoit

FR Projects

Inda Valero


Kate Johnson

NAM/Latam Projects

Damien Burgaud


Tom Smith

EMEA/APAC Projects

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