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What You Should Never Do?

You should never use a machine translation system like Google Translate for any type of professional or important document.

Machine translators lack linguistic context, resulting in incorrect documents.

Although Google Translate has improved with context clarification for some words, it is far from perfect.

Another issue with Google Translate is that it is not language specific. As a result, if you are translating from English to Spanish, you will not be able to specify which dialect of Spanish the document should be translated into.

A human translator understands the message’s content and can ensure that it is not offensive in any way while also being adequately translated.

Keyword Research

Many companies that conduct keyword research may hire native speakers because it appears to be a good way to find the best keywords because they can check the context. Sure ! It is better than Google Translate, but it is not suitable for localization.

Often, the translator simply translates the keywords from the list without conducting local, native keyword research to see what words the locals use.

Even if both are native Spanish speakers, searchers in Argentina and Mexico may not use the same keywords.

A good example is that in English, bus is a very common transportation word that means autobs in Spanish, but Spanish Canary Islanders call it guagua.

A local translator will be able to replace the Canary Islands term with one that has real meaning.

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