Ya-Hub® and ya-hubtranslations.com are the property of the Ya-Hub Group (“Ya-Hub”). Ya-Hub’s UK company Ya-Hub Ltd is based in London (86-90 Paul Street London, EC2N 4NE, United Kingdom), and registered in England and Wales (No 13341434 – VAT No GB 379 6748 23). Ya-Hub has a US company located at 66 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130 (Ya-Hub LLC – EIN: 38-4180213). Ya-Hub has a commercial office in France located at 141 Avenue Félix Faure, 75015 Paris (Ya-Hub Paris).

Services providers & Ya-Hub

In return for the service performed, Ya-Hub shall pay to the Service Provider a fee equivalent to the price agreed on with the Service Provider upon works start. If the deadline as agreed on upon works start is not respected by the Service Provider for any reason unless Force Majeure case*, a penalty will apply and the Customer shall pay 70% of the agreed fee to the Service Provider.

The Service Provider must be available immediately to rectify mistakes as part of the delivered services for example, during 7 days, after delivery of the services, in order to be eligible for payment.

Ya-Hub will consider to apply a fair discount on the service(s) provided if the Service Provider has not delivered services that meet Ya-Hub’s expectations in terms of quality.

The Service Provider is not allowed to contact Ya-Hub’s customer(s) under any circumstances unless Ya-Hub formally asks for it.

The price shall be payable in the following manner: 100% within 60-90 days E.O.M. upon reception of the Service Provider’s invoice when Ya-Hub’s customer(s) will have paid Ya-Hub in full. Invoices will have to be sent to Ya-Hub up to 60 days after completion of works, unless specific agreement. Above 60 days, payments will be delayed, at the Customer’s discretion. The above sums shall be payable by bank transfer or via Electronic Money.

Service Providers are allowed to send invoices bearing date of sending to Ya-Hub, once Ya-Hub has formally validated the Service Providers’ works. Purchase Orders (POs) sent by Ya-Hub to the Service Provider are a guarantee of payment, once Ya-Hub’s customer(s) will have paid Ya-Hub in full. Therefore, POs do not guarantee payment delays. Suppliers’ invoice amounts must match PO amounts. Service Providers who work with Ya-Hub automatically accept Ya-Hub’s payment terms.

Force Majeure case*

Performance of all or part of the contractual obligations incumbent on the Parties under the terms herein shall be deferred in the event of force majeure.

Force majeure means any event that the Parties could not be expected to foresee, that is entirely beyond the control of the defaulting Party, and that prevents the obligations of the Agreement from being performed as originally intended.

The Parties agree that the following in particular shall be considered cases of force majeure: war riots, fire, strike, inability to procure, and general transportation stoppage.

In the event of force majeure, as defined above, the invocating Party shall give notice to the other Party by registered letter with bill of receipt, email with bill or receipt or by telex or facsimile transmission within eight days of the event.

In the event of deferral, the term of the Agreement shall be extended accordingly.

Ya-Hub and its customers

Ya-Hub’s Commitment : A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed upon request between the customers and Ya-Hub. Our business developers, project managers and consultants always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when starting working with Ya-Hub.

Ya-Hub cannot be held responsible in case of dissatisfaction from a customer whatever the amount involved in any project in relation with our services.

Once the customer agrees on our quote(s) or commercial offer(s) – hence confirming an order or if he/she sends in a validated order form – he/she therefore agrees and accepts fully our terms and conditions. Furthermore, the customer cannot modify the delivered works but can add and/or send to Ya-Hub comments separately whenever needed.

All the contents translated by Ya-Hub are the intellectual property of Ya-Hub until the customer(s) pay(s) Ya-Hub in full for the said translation service(s).

All non-translation related services including desktop publishing (DTP), copywriting, transcreation, shall be charged to the customer(s) and shall be payable by the customer(s) unless otherwise specified.

Customers can ask for a review until after 7 days from date of delivery. They can if unsatisfied claim for a compensation in accordance with Ya-Hub’s internal rules. No compensation shall be claimed over 7 days.

Customers are to pay Ya-Hub upon every confirmed order by bank transfer or via Electronic Money. Above €500.00 (Ya-Hub Ltd) / US$500.00 (Ya-Hub LLC) per transaction the Customer shall pay half of transaction fees in addition to the invoiced amount. Payment terms are 100% upon ordering or 100% upon delivery.

Payment terms can be within 30 days from date of invoice in case of a specific arrangement between Ya-Hub and the customer. In the event of a limited-time promotional offer, invoicing will occur no later than the last day of the said promotional offer. Late payments will automatically incur a fixed fee of €40.00 (Ya-Hub Ltd) / US$40.00 (Ya-Hub LLC) payable within 10 days. Failure to pay the late payment fees will automatically put an end to commercial relations between Ya-Hub and its customer.

No minimum orders. Prices can be changed by Ya-Hub without notice.