Customers’ feedback

“Thank you Ya-Hub Translations! Your latest Italian and Spanish translations were perfectly made.”

Valentina Mazzoletti, International Marketing Manager – Milexa Group, UK

“Delighted with the service that we received from Ya- Hub. Efficient, professional and really fast. Thank you so much.”

David Thomas, COO – Innov8 Creative Academy, Ireland

“Thank you for your quick and excellent job. We are satisfied with your work.”

Rita Mao, Project Manager – Prototech, China

“We are very satisfied with your services: from the initial contact phase all the way to communication handling – before, during and after delivery. You have always been one of our most reliable suppliers. Your quality assurance process helps us a lot with our exotic language combinations.”

Samantha Santos Luy, Coordinator – Ipsos Mexico

“Wow! All 30+ concepts translated? That’s a great surprise!!! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much! 😊”

Katerina Danielkova, Project Manager – Ipsos Switzerland

“Very timely and accurate service. Staff is excellent about staying on time with deadlines and providing clear expectations at the onset. Pricing is quite reasonable and really great, quality and value for Ya-Hub translation services. I used them for both Spanish and French, and great results with the experts they found, including to have good knowledge of financial sector services. Thank you!”

Bradley Lyon, Senior Communications & Knowledge Management Specialist – The World Bank Group, USA

“After years of testing translation services, we started testing Ya-Hub and saw the difference in the quality and speed of text delivery. Since then, Ya-Hub has become the translation reflex for everyone in the business.”

Christophe Bosquet, Founder – Effinity, France

“I have used the translation service of this company many times and I have never been disappointed by the quality of the work and the respect of deadlines.”

Stéphane Barthélémy, Terminal Manager – Shell, Luxembourg

“Quick to react and deal with quote enquiries, fast turnaround time and very competitive price compared to competitors.”

Danielle Pager, Sales Manager – ELNO Group, France

“Efficient ! Accurate! Ya-Hub works alongside customers and adapts very well to the market specificity and vocabulary.”

Mathilde Richard, Project Manager – Clinicprosport, France

“Very good work, even though the delays were short, you did very well!”

Jean Baptiste Donnet, Project Manager – Roger Mathon SA, France

“Many thanks for your services. I have received excellent feedback about the quality of the translation work.”

Simon Hudson, Business Development Manager – Optimum Media GmbH, Germany

“Thank you very much for one more excellent service. I can’t tell you how glad we are for this support. It’s good to know we have suppliers like you, who we can count on.”

Caroline Soares, Marketing Manager – Brazilian Secrets Hair International, Brazil

“Thank you for the work you did which we find perfect!”

Céline Peurière, Communications & Digital Marketing Officer – Le Joint Technique, France

“We are glad that your team is professional and efficient!”

Arthur Morche, Project Manager – Unimold Asia, China

“We have quite technical and specific information and Ya-Hub always delivers good content in a great time frame.”

Anna McIntyre, Sales and Marketing Manager – Milkbar, New Zealand

“Good and Professional service with timely response..”

Manasa Harsha, Content Manager – Ansio, UK

“Great & fast service!”

Debbie Kennes, Purchasing Manager – Valvesco, Belgium

“We use their services regularly, they are always very fast and very friendly.”

Sébastien Bertrand, Founder, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Switzerland