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The best way to reach any international business market is to speak the language of the target audience. More sales, leads, and better branding result from having a broader reach, which can be expanded through website translation.

Despite the fact that English is considered an international language, with many people speaking and understanding it all over the world, many people prefer to use the internet and buy services online in their native language.

More than 70% of online consumers worldwide spend the majority of their time engaging with content in their native language, and 75% say they are more likely to buy a product if the information is provided in their native language. That is why website translation is so important, and it is frequently the first step in expanding your global reach to non-English-speaking countries.

The Ya-Hub Translations team employs a linguistic, cultural, technical, and localized web approach to ensure that a global business can successfully position itself in its target markets.

Ya-Hub Translations provides the following Website Translation Services:

-Complex website code translation, including e-commerce, using various content management systems.

-Website translation with content and codes that are appropriate for the target audience.

-Search Engine Optimization: maximizing your international potential with an optimized website. Keyword research and more.

-Landing pages for online marketing campaigns.

We help e-commerce companies, large and small, benefit from international trade by tailoring our services to meet their needs. Our in-house IT, technology, and software experts can translate the most complex websites into more than 130 languages.

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