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Part of our expansion campaign towards the 21 large accounts where we are already registered as preferred translation supplier – Ipsos group (nearly 200 offices worldwide) and iProspect / Dentsu Aegis Network (100 offices worldwide) have now all been contacted by our sales team. 

35% of Ipsos offices are now covered and 20% of iProspect offices are also covered (customers and hot prospects). Next on the list is media giant Havas Group (part of Vivendi Group). So far, 5% of 700 Havas offices worldwide are covered. Then we will target British media giant WPP (another customer), which also has hundreds of offices worldwide. 

When reaching out to these Multinational Corporations (MNCs) we are always proposing our translation services together with our multilingual digital services (SEO, Google Adwords, social media in 130+ languages) in order to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) each time. 


SMEs campaign (prospection): we now have a multi-threaded sales approach using various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Content is curated then shared, new posts are being published several times a week and boosted through the social media ads services.

We now monitor traffic for our websites constantly using analytics tools like Google Analytics, looking at trends and identifying potential leads in the process. 


Part of our proposal to investors, we have re-assessed our needs. 

Focus is now on re-developing our existing Workflow platform (Proof-of-Concept / POC done) offering a unified language services based enterprise solution around translation, multilingual web services and market entry services. These 3 complementary ranges of (Business to Business) services will be manageable through the SaaS based Workflow platform, offering a unique approach to companies enabling them to manage their ongoing projects in real time through our team of project managers (“The Hub”).

Companies will have access to our pool of vetted consultants from across the globe (translators for Ya-Hub Translations / multilingual digital marketers for Ya-Hub Digital / business growth consultants for Ya-Hub Consulting) through “The Hub”. One point of contact – for an array of functionalities and options. A fast, smooth, efficient, manageable yet scalable ecosystem will be created – to respond to all types of corporate needs including the complex ones. 

Considering the development works coming ahead, a larger development team will be needed as part of the company in order to be able to deliver a consistent yet disruptive language services based SaaS platform and bridge this huge gap in the market. We are now fundraising in Series A.

Finally – considering the sad recent events – we are committed to help companies grow from a purely online perspective as always.

April 06, 2020 update.