Why Should you Hire Professional Translators?

E-commerce or commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet are the future and the future starts today. Over the next four years, it’s predicted by professionals that this number will grow by 50%, reaching approximately $7.4 trillion by 2025.

If your business is planning to enter foreign markets through the internet and expand globally, it is likely that you will need translation services.

Global growth improves the visibility of your products and services by making them available to a broader audience. Indeed many of our customers have foreign expansion on their agenda, translating their websites and selling products and services overseas in order to boost their customer base and sales.

Though the opportunities are plenty, to settle down abroad and expand globally, it is likely that you will need translation services, which you can leverage to expand your business to new frontiers.

Here are a few reasons why hiring our professional translators is so important. We’ll also outline the pitfalls of not hiring one in each instance.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Hiring professional translators is mainly important for your business to avoid breaching confidentiality. A tiny breach of confidentiality could pose a risk to your business.

Translating documents using professional translators gives you peace and security in keeping documents confidential and safe. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can be signed at any time with your professional translators.

You are Assured of Excellent Quality

Depending on what the document is about, document translation can be either quite simple or highly complex. If the document requires precision like an engineering manual, a science publication, or a legal agreement, it must be precisely translated. Translators need to deliver not just with quality but also precision, and that’s where a professional will always do a much better job than someone who hasn’t worked as a professional translator before. Our highly qualified translators, interpreters and language professionals speak over 130 different languages and work with integrity, professionalism and in full respect of confidentiality requirements.

Sure, this friend, employee, or colleague who speaks both languages can translate, but they might not be able to offer the type of precision needed for most documents, as is required when translating into HTML code pages for example. Also, you can’t hold a friend liable for a mistake! That’s why you are better off hiring a professional.

The Translation Needs to be Culturally Correct

A professional translator can almost guarantee a well-translated, easy-to-read, grammatically correct translation. On top of this, native translators like the type we employ can also pick up on cultural and local language influences. Many languages have slight variations depending on where they are spoken. Our translators can pick up on these to identify the region of the original document so that it can be translated more accurately.

Consistent Translations

Professional translators are consistent, and the benefit of that is that consistency is visible throughout a translated document across multiple pages. Consistency is important, especially if the document(s) are being used to communicate strategic information. Failing to be consistent with the translated document can be disastrous for you. That’s why paying for a professional translation service makes so much sense for international businesses.

Specialized Translations

Clients may sometimes require specialized translations. That often means the content is designed for a specific target audience, which needs the expertise of the translator. An instance of this is a document covering healthcare-related matters, which will require an understanding of specific terms used in both languages.

Translators know Proper Terminology

Professional translators will be able to use specific terminology properly in order to meet expectations. Professional translators know more industry specific terms, and they are trained in how to approach and discover the proper term for a given phrase or word.

The Ability to Meet Deadlines

Professional translators need to meet deadlines. It means you can expect the translated document when and as stated. As a business, relying on these translated documents, knowing when they are delivered will help you make other business arrangements as needed. Since time is money, a professional translator can save you quite a bit of time with a much shorter turnaround time than someone who isn’t a professional.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. You can use the Ya-Hub platform to follow the progress of your translations in real-time (https://ya-hub.com/go), from your computer, tablet or mobile/cell phone.

Long-term Collaborative Approach

We believe in providing exceptional results through collaborative work. This approach also means that we have a unique understanding of industry and client-specific terminology for any project.

Translations have been used since the second millennium BC. The general assumption since then has always been that anyone who can speak another language can become a translator. That’s why many people wrongly rely on the capabilities of their friends, relatives, and co-workers, on people who aren’t professionals, without realizing that this approach can lead to embellished words and words that are either omitted or altered. In some cases, the person who translates can be biased, which shows up in the translated copy of the document. It is instances like these, which could spell disaster for you, especially if the translated document has commercial or political intent.

In business, poorly presenting the brand can negatively affect business relationships with other countries’ markets, which can incur enormous financial losses.

Being Head of Marketing at Ya-Hub Translations, I strongly recommend you to always hire our professional translators. Our translators are native and industry specific for the best results. We can work in 130 different languages, covering many industries including market research, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, automotive, media, IT, public sector and international relations. We translate marketing, technical, medical, scientific, legal documents every day for our clients worldwide and we can manage multi-language projects very easily (up to 50+ languages simultaneously).

Choose a professional translation company like Ya-Hub Translations to translate every word perfectly and to succeed in the business world.