10 Steps to Become Successful as Entrepreneur

Success is a state of your mind: if you want success, start thinking of yourself as successful. Having a success mindset is not correlated to being poor or rich, it is about your desires, it is about what you want. Some 2,500 years ago a man called Gautama Buddha said: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”, “The mind is everything, what we think we become”. Gautama Buddha was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered to be the founder of Buddhism. Many successful people such as Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin practice Buddhism as a way to think positively.

Everyone wants to be successful, I don’t know anyone in this world who doesn’t want to be. But what is success? Success is the status of having achieved an objective attaining wealth and prosperity for your career and your life along. The meaning of success is different for every single person on Earth.

Some people may feel successful for completing a jigsaw puzzle, for coping with a terrible disease, for graduating from university after attending classes for several years – which will allow them to change their lives for the better. They can also feel successful for securing a job that will allow them to plan an alienated future ahead.

Others may attribute to success the achievement of financial freedom that will allow them to travel around the world, and sometimes stay for weeks on paradisiac places such as tropical islands, while enjoying luxury restaurants and fine cuisine in top-rated hotels. Success can also be flexibility in the work schedule; getting up without time constraints, going to the gym, walking in the park, attending a birthday party, etc…

Being successful is not related to being poor or rich because everyone can reach their successful goal in different ways as it can also be about personal fulfillment.

Success starts with you. Everything you get is the result of what you do. The very first key to success is to make a plan. You need to have a very clear picture in your mind of what a successful life looks like to you, and you need to put together a well-defined set of objectives to get you that stylelife.

How can I become successful in my career as a business person?

1. Visualize success

Think about how you want your prosperous future and visualize it with all details. Think big, be positive.

2. Seek passion

Look for a passion job that you will love and take care of. Be passionate in doing your job and you won’t feel like you are working. If you are passionate, you will enjoy what you do, you will feel more confident and trustful so sales will be easier for you.

3. Be 100% Committed

Successful people are committed to their work without excuses. Hope is not a strategy, don’t achieve success in the hands of hope. Work hard and you will see results. If you have planned to make 5 phone calls, don’t only make 3. Be committed and finish your planned daily goals. Stay focused.

4. Learn to be productive

Analyze your work and don’t waste your time trying hard on something that won’t work so focus on the customers that pay attention to you and plan new strategies. Use time management to be more productive and make the best of your time. Think that you can lose a friend and replace him/her by a new one because the life of a business person changes constantly. But you won’t be able to recover lost time. Delegate tasks to staff that are able to do it.

5. Remain determined

The cycles of life will turn and things won’t always be as expected but you will be flexible and focused on continuing working. Don’t give up and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by the negative news on TV or conversations. Remain determined since your words have power especially over yourself. So if something goes wrong, don’t start complaining, put that mental energy into making the situation better.

6. Take care of yourself

Plan a schedule to take care of your body, of your mind and personality. Try to eat healthy by adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily menu. Try to lower the alcohol consumption a bit and drink more water, more natural fruit juices, and green tea. Try to practice sport as you desire. Read business books, cultural books, spiritual books, listen to audio books and remember to celebrate achievements and laugh daily.

7. Put an end to toxic people

Analyze your business surroundings and analyze numbers. Toxic people can be jealous of you, they can lie, spread their negative energy and they can drive you to business failure so eliminate them as soon as you see the reality.

8. Believe

Believe in yourself. You are motivated to get things done, be a realistic optimist, challenge yourself to do things in a different manner.

9. Plan your inventory purchases

Set objectives and pick a date. Your mind will be less stressed so you will be more productive. Hire experts like professional translators to translate your website, documents or content.

10. Create a corporate yet professional and friendly business identity for your company

Remember that identity is what shows that your company is the best fit.

So would you like to be successful in your career? If the answer is “Yes” then it is time to immerse yourself in ten positive rules from Warren Buffet that will take you to success.

Warren Buffett is a well-known 92-year-old billionaire with a net worth of $110 billion. He is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist who gives advice to people who ask him. If you want to be smarter and more successful, it’d be in your interest to take some advice from billionaire magnates like him.

10 steps by Warren Buffett summarized below:

1- Find your passion for work.

2- Hire well.

3- Don’t care what others think of your speaking, thoughts, of your way of work, etc . Care about yourself because you need emotional stability.

4- Read, read, read. Read business books such as “Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T.Munger”, “The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham”, “Mitek: A global success story, 1981-2011 by Jim Healy”.

5- Have a margin of safety.

6- Have a competitive advantage against your competitors.

7- Schedule for your personality.

8- Always be competitive.

9- Follow a successful model that you admire and behave like them.

10- The power of giving unconditional love and it will be returned to you.

As you can see, these advisable steps that Warren Buffett gives us are coherent and have a positive meaning for our research.

Being positive will change not only your career, it will also change your life for the better. In case you’re a negative business person, you can start writing at the end of the day a positive thing that has happened during the day. That way, you will create a notebook of positive thoughts. This information will be archived by your brain, creating a positive experience.

Being positive plays an important role in positive behaviors, positive psychology and positive outcomes. To be successful you need to be positive. But not only a positive attitude will lead you to success. Realistic thinking brings nice results to business too. Realistic thinking provides security to suppliers and customers. Realistic thinking gives credibility in front of investors, customers, banks, etc. Realistic thinkers provide a solid foundation to the company and bring any dream to reality.

Realistic optimism is your best positive thinking move. Unrealistic optimism believes good things will just happen only by thinking positively; while realistic optimism believes in the power to make good things happen, even through rocky conditions.

If you really want to succeed with an idea that you have created, you need to stop protecting the idea, instead you should create more ideas and develop your business in a healthy way. Some business people spend all their lives protecting one idea and fighting with other people, they spend their energy fighting and getting negative vibes. Don’t be one of these business people and create more ideas or more businesses.

As an example, we can mention Oprah Winfrey who is an American talk show host, an actress, author, television producer with a net worth of $2.7 billion. She chooses to focus on the positive aspects of life. Her optimistic outlook contributes to her motivation for success. Oprah Winfrey spoke several times about creating a mantra that you would repeat several times per day to protect you. She believes that your best religion is yourself. She defends the mantra idea of being the master of your fate and the captain of your life.

Mantras have been around cities and villages for at least 3,000 years. They are having a considerable star moment nowadays and people become more aware of wellbeing so they practice meditation and repeat mantras. Create or look for a mantra that fits your goal for being successful and repeat it by yourself several times during the day.

I have heard from several billionaires that it is so important to be surrounded by great people to absorb their manners, their way of thinking, and to act as them. So try to go out with great people who you can listen to and learn from.

Success doesn’t come by itself. One needs to do the homework. It is needed to make a strategy plan to achieve a goal. To do so, you need to have clearly in mind what your goal is to be successful. Visualize the successful moment and success will come to you.

As author of this article and Head of Marketing at Ya-Hub Translations, I encourage you to dream high as the world needs more dreamers to change it.

Every great dream starts with a dreamer who uses passion, magic, positive vibes and strength to make it a reality.