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Discovering: Why do Books Matter?

While the internet, Netflix and Amazon Prime are occupying a larger space in our modern daily lives, books will always be irreplaceable in the way they entertain and teach us new things to help us succeed in the world and in our relationships. They indeed have become a relief treatment to many furloughers in research […]
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Tradition of Valentine’s Day Across Countries

Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14 worldwide regardless of its origin. Many shops, stores and restaurants in cities have beautiful Valentine decorations hanging on the shop windows on this romantic day. These include Cupid illustrations, hearts, balloons and garlands in pink and red color to match with the celebration day.   Sweets, flowers, perfumes, chocolates, heart-shaped […]
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A Year’s Memories: 2021 Recap

Many things happened around the world during the past twelve months. Many things happened during this changeable year 2021, some of them better than others. Whether you start planning an awesome New Year, I’ve compiled a list of the good, the bad, the weird and the forgettable from this year. 2021 world economy Leaders’ businesses […]
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It’s Definitely Time for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expected and wanted cultural holidays of the year. Indeed people of different beliefs, cultures, religions and even atheists celebrate Christmas during the most wonderful month. The magic of Christmas is real… It’s one of the most important celebrations for Christians. Today, more than 2 billion people in more than […]
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Positivity Increases your Happiness

Around the world, happiness is often shared through greeting cards. Kind words express affection, gratitude and sympathy to the beloved ones. Greeting cards are given on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Diwali, etc. Some common greetings: “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Wedding Anniversary! Happy Company Anniversary! Happy graduation day! […]
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A taste of Halloween 2021: Enjoy!

~~~~~~Light & Dark, Good & Bad, Happy & Mad, Near & Far, Old & Young, Yin & Yang, Slow & Fast, Soft & Hard, Present & Past, Merry & Sad, Thin & Fat, Bright & Dull, Together & Apart, Abundance & Luck, Bland & Sharp, Comedy & Drama~~~~~~ Halloween has always had a special place […]
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Celebrating International Translation Day

Lightning flashed across the sky during this summer in the UK, and this will continue for several weeks. After hearing tapping on my window for several days, puddles began to grow as the rainfall became heavier. I was stuck at home and I thought: “What a different summer than last year when I was enjoying […]
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Hi Everyone! Let’s Start Writing Something!

Subject: Happy World Letter Writing Day to everyone!     Inda Valero London, England September 1st, 2021 Dear People of the World, On September 1st, World Letter Writing Day is celebrated around the globe. Everyone can join, including you, and have a break from the social media. Tempting? Why don’t you write a letter to an old […]
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Happy World Calligraphy Day!

I was looking for a necklace box that was on the upper shelf of my organized and ample wardrobe. It wasn’t easy as it was hidden between my section of hats accessories, handkerchiefs and jewelry. When I was about to find it, I came across my old teenager notebook. I gently fetched it and opened […]
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