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Sometimes you need to step outside of your routine, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are, how far you want to go, and where you want to be. Sometimes in life, all you need to do is find a proper place to think. At this point, I challenge you to take one step further and begin thinking bigger, acting bigger, and dreaming bigger, and you will grow bigger.

The one aspect that separates the most successful people from the rest begins with a simple thought. This simple thought develops and becomes a big thought that culminates in the person who is practicing ways to achieve amazing goals. 

Choosing an inspiring place to think is essential for starting to think big. Depending on who you are, inspiration to think will emerge in different places that are different from one another. Sometimes valuable ideas come to us when we feel relaxed while taking a shower. Other people instead choose to sit in front of a fireplace, listening to the fire burning, and then nice ideas emerge. Others need to walk in the park, have a massage in a jacuzzi spa, or sit on the top of a mountain to find the light. Wherever you need to be comfortable and inspired to think and to bring valuable ideas out of your mind, go there.

There are several benefits of critical thinking that can make you happier, help you make better business decisions, and promote creative thinking. Big thinkers are always looking for a new idea or opportunity. They listen to others more than they speak, to be inspired. Big thinkers think bigger. Would you like to be a big thinker?

To become a big thinker, you need to work and train your brain; you need to act intellectually and cultivate your personality and habits. Thinking big is not the same as daydreaming or imagining a perfect future; it is a mental practice that allows us to control our minds and find thoughts without limitations. It is necessary to believe in yourself to convert yourself into a big thinker. 

Let’s explore some advice or steps to becoming a big thinker:

  1. Train your brain to work in a positive way. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning from now on and say a positive sentence to yourself, like, “I am adventurous, and I embrace all the positive things that life has to offer”. Think and act in a positive way.
  2. Read, read, read, read. Read books in several fields, such as economics, business, robotics, and philosophy. Read books from the field you work in or books that develop the areas of the brain’s frontal lobe, which are responsible for thinking, planning, remembering and judging. Read books on your own to help your brain deal with information.
  3. Philosophize with yourself. Philosophy is complicated stuff. It’s the search for meaning, greater understanding, and answers to questions about our existence, purpose, and the universe itself.
  4. Meditate before going to bed. Feel thankful for nice things that happened during the day, and meditate on your soul and body. Meditate in a comfortable and peaceful position with a warm candle light and an incense’s scent that impregnates the room. Try a Sandalwood or Lotus scent, for example. These are frequently used for meditation purposes, as they transport you to the place you need to be without taking over your thoughts.
  5. Surround yourself with big thinkers. Surround yourself with people who think positively, people who are the owners of their minds. Surround yourself with big thinkers who generate, who create and use great ideas that lead to great outcomes.
  6. Start studying how people think. Look at them, listen to them, and try to be empathetic to understand them. Then you will be an example to them, you will lead them, and you will become the leader that all these people have been dreaming of having for so long. You will become valuable to all these people.
  7. Mark goals with no limits. Set goals for yourself and push beyond your limits.  Always think big and bigger things will come into your life. 
  8. Use a positive vocabulary. Delete the word “problem” from your vocabulary; instead use the word “solution”.
  9. Ideas for your meetings. Brainstorm with your team at least once a week. You can do this by yourself if you don’t have the possibility of sharing your ideas with a business partner. You can do this with your husband or wife if both of you are big thinkers. Try to bring ideas to your meetings to save the world and make it a better, more prosperous place. Share new concepts that can benefit all on Earth.
  10. Think, feel, behave and act positively. Be nice to people, and nice things will come to you in return. Act nicely with your co-workers, neighbors, and every single person who crosses your way. Respect people and be respected by others. Start speaking positively and spreading positive affirmations with the people that you care about and love, including yourself. Doing so will help to improve the attitude of your heart. You will experience feelings such as positivity, empowerment and optimism by helping others. 
  11. Respect nature. Respect Earth by walking or cycling when it is not 100% necessary to use your car, which pollutes the environment. If you have a green garden, plant strawberries, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Then add a few fragrant flowers, and you will be proud of your green productivity!
  12. Dream big and set a goal to achieve. Create a big vision for your company, set an ambitious goal to achieve, and have it supported by two different business action plans. Be ready to succeed, but also take setbacks into account for possible unplanned facts. Analyze the reasons for the setback, then look ahead and keep going and going until you get it right.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; don’t feel afraid to think bigger than others. Don’t feel afraid to dream big and feel big. Instead, feel proud of thinking big because the most successful people always do it. So think big, dream big, imagine big and live big step by step.

“If you think small, your world will be small. If you think big, your world will be big”. -Paulo Coelho.

As a CMO and blogger at Ya-Hub Translations, I have investigated, read and listened to big thinkers for months. Now, I am becoming a big thinker, and I have shared big ideas with the Ya-Hub management team to work on during these days, and as a result, we have been working nonstop. So THINK BIG, just like we do, and you will be fortunate to see life through the eyes of big thinkers.