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Discovering: The American Thanksgiving

The US is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic country where live in harmony German, African, Mexican, Irish, English, American, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Scottish, native American, Puerto Rican, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Asian-Indian, Scotch-Irish, Russian, West Indian and Filipino people. Amongst the 331 million people living in the United States of America, many are celebrating Thanksgiving […]
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Focus On: The Importance of the Online Industry

The internet is now “controlling” us: this is a fact. Our style of life has changed dramatically since 1982 when there was primarily an online market that served people who wanted to sell their used computers, and it boomed with the first wave of electronic ecommerce occurring between 1995 and 2003. As businesses increasingly went […]
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Importance of Languages in Driving Businesses in 2022

The futuristic lifestyle shown in some Sci-Fi movies since we were little boys or girls is coming to reality in 2022. Many futuristic studies and conferences where global warming is one of the main topics demonstrate that the development of electric automation, intelligent robotics and Information Technology are on the top of business priorities in […]
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Dealing with International Currencies

Being a global company, we deal with small and big businesses from around the world that sell products and services in many countries. Since we opened our doors in 2020, amidst Covid, we have observed many profound shifts in Society and in the corporate world. Some technology experts said  that we should actually say “welcome […]
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Food in Mediterranean Countries

As a Mediterranean girl, I lived on the Mediterranean Spanish coast for about 18 years, travelling to Mediterranean sea neighbouring countries such as Portugal, Morocco, France, Italy and Greece . Since I was a little girl, I really enjoyed going shopping in colorful food market streets with my mum, collecting and stocking many Mediterranean ingredients […]
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Discovering: Why do Books Matter?

While the internet, Netflix and Amazon Prime are occupying a larger space in our modern daily lives, books will always be irreplaceable in the way they entertain and teach us new things to help us succeed in the world and in our relationships. They indeed have become a relief treatment to many furloughers in research […]
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Tradition of Valentine’s Day Across Countries

Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14 worldwide regardless of its origin. Many shops, stores and restaurants in cities have beautiful Valentine decorations hanging on the shop windows on this romantic day. These include Cupid illustrations, hearts, balloons and garlands in pink and red color to match with the celebration day.   Sweets, flowers, perfumes, chocolates, heart-shaped […]
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A Year’s Memories: 2021 Recap

Many things happened around the world during the past twelve months. Many things happened during this changeable year 2021, some of them better than others. Whether you start planning an awesome New Year, I’ve compiled a list of the good, the bad, the weird and the forgettable from this year. 2021 world economy Leaders’ businesses […]
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It’s Definitely Time for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expected and wanted cultural holidays of the year. Indeed people of different beliefs, cultures, religions and even atheists celebrate Christmas during the most wonderful month. The magic of Christmas is real… It’s one of the most important celebrations for Christians. Today, more than 2 billion people in more than […]
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